Are You Doing Contractor Jobs or Freelancer?


In today’s competitive employment market contracting can be a perfect option for some. Becoming a contractor can have numerous advantages in a number of industry sectors compared to a ‘permanent job’. If you have considered becoming a contractor it would be wise to understand all the options available to you including its advantages and risks.


There are many different types of contractors, such as IT contractors, Civil engineers, Health care professionals and other professionals. By contracting for one or more clients you can generate an income which is often better than a full time employee salary, whilst also enjoying many benefits from being your own boss.


Our team members are highly qualified and experienced with technical knowledge including: IR35, IFRS and UK GAAP and they are currently worked with hundreds of contractors. If you are looking for Contractors or Freelancers Accountant then please feel free to CONTACT US FOR FREE INITIAL ONLINE CONSULTATION.