Are you  Thinking to Change Your Accountant?


When business look to change their pervious accountants to us, it is generally due to the growth and change of their business, or even their accountants may have grown and changed. If you’re thinking of changing your accountant, ask yourself these questions


Are you getting value for money?

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the level of service you’re paying for this can be a cause for concern. Do some investigating and see whether you could get a better deal and level of service elsewhere before making any decisions. Most accountants should publish their accounting packages on their websites.

Do they understand the needs of your business?

It is critical that your accountant fully understands what you, as a business, need from them and your plans for future growth. A misunderstanding can result in a misalignment between you and your accountant.

Are your tax returns filed in good order and on time?

As part of delivering a good service, your accountant should always be ahead of the game. Asking you to drop everything to rush through a tax return is unacceptable – distracting you from your work and, most importantly, growing your business.

Has your business outgrown your accountants?

Business growth is one of the biggest reasons to move on from your accountants. At the first sign that your accounts are getting too complex for your accountants to handle it’s time to look elsewhere.


How to switch your previous Accountant to Us – Yes, It’s Easy 4 Steps



Inform your current accountant

Where possible, end things with your pervious accountant on good terms and let them know that you’re moving on, as this will make the whole process much smoother. You’ll need to grant them permission to speak to us in order to hand over any paperwork. Alternatively we can help you draft a letter of notice on your behalf.



Disengagement letter

Your pervious accountants will then need to provide details of the work they have completed so far, including key dates and information. This is known as a disengagement letter and is a professional document.



Professional courtesy letter

We will also need to write to your previous accountant. In this letter we will ask for professional clearance and request any relevant paperwork. They will also ask whether there is any reason they cannot take you on as a client – this is a formality and usually causes no problems.



Assigning authority

Finally, you’ll need to assign authority to us for tax affairs, which means they can file returns on your behalf.


If you need any help you or your business for How to Switch Your Previous Accountants or Any other Advice, then please feel free to contact us on 0330 001 0975 or email us on contact@jrfa.co.uk