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    It’s long been the case that many companies don’t even realise that they meet the necessary criteria to claim and as such miss out on the many benefits of the scheme. Whether your business engages in medical or scientific activities, develops innovative software, or even embraces technology for the benefit of your clients, a qualified and experienced specialist advisers will be able to identify the likely success of any claim. In we will be quick to determine the full scope of the qualifying activities for your business and take the lead in preparing a justification document in order to submit for your case to claim. Such a task benefits from an understanding of HMRC guidelines and will save you time and resources in compiling a document that meets the criteria and adheres to any of the latest developments within R&D tax.


    If you think your business is eligible for the R&D claim, the next step you’ll be thinking about is “should I Use A Specialist Or My Accountant For My R&D Tax Credits Claim?”. The so called ‘R&D Specialist Companies’ purely focus on the commission they’ll be getting from the R&D refund which your company is entitled to contrary to your accountant who is looking to establish & improve a long term professional relationship with your business. Charterhouse has several years experience in identifying where and when a suitable claim can be made for our clients ‘businesses.


    Are you interested in making the maximum amount of R&D tax credits claim without having to pay a larger proportion of it as commission & fee? Please call us to have your business assessed. Please be assured that you’ll be paying the lowest professional fee compared to any R&D focused companies and it’s a challenge!


    Patent Box Regime


    The Patent Box regime is a generous tax incentive introduced in 2013 to encourage innovation in the UK. The regime broadly offers an additional deduction in calculating taxable profits, with the effect that the relevant intellectual property profits are taxed at a reduced corporation tax rate of 10%. The relief was phased in over a period of four years, and so full relief on all Patent Box profits came into force in 2017.


    The Patent Box rules are complex and the complexity increased when new Patent Box rules were introduced from 1 July 2016. The old regime will be grandfathered until 2021 for companies that elected into Patent Box before 1 July 2016 and for qualifying intellectual property (IP) that was in existence before 1 July 2016.


    The new rules, that altered the development condition and introduced a “modified nexus approach” to ensure that substantive R&D activity is linked with a patent box deduction, is applicable to any company that elects into the regime after 1 July 2016 and for new patent applications after that date.


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