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    Congratulations! If you are looking to set up a new business you have come to the right place.


    You know that today’s business environment is fast moving, complex, and highly competitive. The hurdles you have to jump through are getting more and more difficult. Getting finance, meeting all the regulatory requirements, finding new business, employing staff, preparing accounts, dealing with the taxman… The list goes on and not only must you excel at what you do but you need to be finance, marketing, administrative and human resources expert too!


    So where can you go for help on ALL these matters?


    As small business specialists we are pleased to provide our services to all potential start-ups.We focus around the financial, tax and accounting issues surrounding the start-up of your business and we are giving this away free with no strings attached!


    But to experience the real benefit of JR Financial Accountants why not give us a call. Here are some of the great reasons why we believe you should contact us immediately:


    To get going all you have to do is call us on 0330 001 0975 and arrange a meeting with our team or simply click CONTACT and enter your details below then we’ll contact you to arrange a no-obligation Meeting. We offer a FREE initial online consultation where we will discuss with you your needs in detail.


    In addition to all the benefits detailed above we will provide you with a comprehensive fixed fee quote for all compliance services agreed in advance with an easy payment plan so you can spread your costs.


    So if you want to improve your chances of success then you need to see an accountant who specialises in dealing with the affairs of small businesses and who is prepared to support your business from the start.


    Are you  Thinking to Change Your Accountant?


    When business look to change their pervious accountants to us, it is generally due to the growth and change of their business, or even their accountants may have grown and changed. If you’re thinking of changing your accountant, ask yourself these questions


    Are you getting value for money?

    If you don’t feel like you’re getting the level of service you’re paying for this can be a cause for concern. Do some investigating and see whether you could get a better deal and level of service elsewhere before making any decisions. Most accountants should publish their accounting packages on their websites.

    Do they understand the needs of your business?

    It is critical that your accountant fully understands what you, as a business, need from them and your plans for future growth. A misunderstanding can result in a misalignment between you and your accountant.

    Are your tax returns filed in good order and on time?

    As part of delivering a good service, your accountant should always be ahead of the game. Asking you to drop everything to rush through a tax return is unacceptable – distracting you from your work and, most importantly, growing your business.

    Has your business outgrown your accountants?

    Business growth is one of the biggest reasons to move on from your accountants. At the first sign that your accounts are getting too complex for your accountants to handle it’s time to look elsewhere.


    How to switch your previous Accountant to Us – Yes, It’s Easy 4 Steps



    Inform your current accountant

    Where possible, end things with your pervious accountant on good terms and let them know that you’re moving on, as this will make the whole process much smoother. You’ll need to grant them permission to speak to us in order to hand over any paperwork. Alternatively we can help you draft a letter of notice on your behalf.



    Disengagement letter

    Your pervious accountants will then need to provide details of the work they have completed so far, including key dates and information. This is known as a disengagement letter and is a professional document.



    Professional courtesy letter

    We will also need to write to your previous accountant. In this letter we will ask for professional clearance and request any relevant paperwork. They will also ask whether there is any reason they cannot take you on as a client – this is a formality and usually causes no problems.



    Assigning authority

    Finally, you’ll need to assign authority to us for tax affairs, which means they can file returns on your behalf.


    If you need any help you or your business for How to Switch Your Previous Accountants or Any other Advice, then please feel free to contact us on 0330 001 0975 or email us on contact@jrfa.co.uk


    The last thing you need as a busy business owner is to use up valuable time and resources making sure you are complying with the Companies Act. Moreover, with company legislation changing at the rate it does, you need to be sure you are fully aware of how the changes affect you and your fellow directors. We can give you complete peace of mind in this area by carrying out your company secretarial duties for you. Our services include:


    • Company formations & dissolution
    • Preparation and filing of statutory returns
    • Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions
    • Maintenance of statutory books
    • General advice on company law
    • Shareholders agreements
    • Change of company name

    If you need any help with your company secretarial services or advice about your company, then please feel free to contact us on 0330 001 0975or email us on contact@jrfa.co.uk


    Preparing a Road Map for Your Business.


    It is often said that, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” As a business owner you have no doubt been reminded on more than one occasion of the importance of business planning. And no doubt you agree that planning is important. And yet in all probability you rarely seem to find the time to sit down and develop strategic business plans but end up flying by the seat of your pants, trusting your intuitions and relying on snap judgments rather than adhering to a pre-arranged strategy. Not that we would deprecate such intuitions. Experience has taught us that it is precisely this ‘sixth sense’ that many business owners and managers seem to possess that is the driving force behind entrepreneurship – and we have learned to take it seriously. But the planning is important. Without sound analysis, clear projections, and well-thought out contingencies, businesses tend to become hostages to fortune. Proactive management is replaced by reactive coping, and instead of following a well-thought-out plan, owners and managers are reduced to responding to unforeseen events, or trying to catch up on missed opportunities.


    We can act as business consultants to help make the business planning process simpler by helping you to develop a clear business strategy that will set you up for future growth. We encourage our clients to schedule regular planning sessions. We can help you:


    • Formulate and implement long-term strategic goals.
    • Set concrete operational objectives.
    • Monitor performance and adjust plans accordingly.


    If you need any help for Your Business Plan or Advice About Your Business, then please feel free to contact us on 0330 001 0975 or email us on contact@jrfa.co.uk


    Are you Planning to Outsource your Payroll Administration?


    Administering payroll is becoming increasingly burdensome for many businesses, taking more and more time and resources away from core business functions. Fortunately your business payroll can easily be separated from your other accounting activities and outsourced to a specialist agency such as our team of payroll professionals. We offer a completely confidential and cost-effective service that includes:


    • Starters and leavers
    • PAYE code number changes
    • Customized and generic payslips
    • Taxable benefits and P11Ds
    • Company, personal, and stakeholder pension schemes
    • Student loan recovery
    • WFTC and DPTC
    • SMP, SPP, SSP, and SAP
    • Child maintenance orders
    • Give as you earn
    • Pay in lieu of notice redundancy
    • Advice on tax and NIC payable
    • Processing payments through BACS
    • Dealing with employee enquiries
    • Standard payroll reports
    • Production of year-end P60s
    • Real Time Information (RTI) submissions
    • Pension Auto Enrolment


    We are fully conversant with all payroll systems. If you need any help for your business payroll solution or how we can help you save you time and money with your payroll administration, then please feel free to contact us on 0330 001 0975 or email us on contact@jrfa.co.uk


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